Track changes of the Microsoft Intune Documentation and send them to Teams


For people like me that want to be informed as soon as Microsoft does change, add or remove something in the Docs related to Intune, the best solution I could find is to check the RSS Feed and get a notification (Teams message or via Mail).

You possible already knew this but if not: The official docs are based on the GitHub repository of Microsoft. The Intune Docs can be found here: Github. Every change on the Front-End ( is based on the GitHub commits at the above mentioned Repository. The commits there will also show any changes in detail and you can compare before and after a change has took place.

There are many ways to track the changes but here are two of my favorites and one of them will be explained in detail:

  1. Create Notifications with Microsoft Power Automate and send them to Teams.
  2. Configure the RSS Feed in Outlook.

Creating the RSS Feed

The Microsoft documentation website has all the articles and information’s for all Microsoft Services. You can find the Overview here: Microsoft Docs

We need to click on “View entire directory” to find the Intune documentation website:

After scrolling down the newly opened tab, we can see the following:

By clicking on “Microsoft Intune” you will be forwarded to the website: Microsoft Intune

You can create your RSS Feed based on the information’s in the URL. I had to try it multiple times to find the right RSS Feed URL and after some trial and error it was clear what I was doing wrong. I assumed the URL has to include Microsoft + Intune instead of only using Intune. Look at this:



Test it and open the URL in e.g. Microsoft Edge. It should look like this:

This will not help us that much. We need to make it look more appealing and clean it up to get to the core message.

For your information: The default language of the XML-Output is in English. You can change the language of the RSS Feed by changing the locale=en-us inside the URL. E.g. German would be locale=de-de. Change it depending on your needs.

Let´s now create the Power Automate Flow with the correct URL.

Power Automate

Go to and create a new “Automate Cloud Flow” with the following Trigger: RSS: When a feed item is published.

There is one trigger and one action in the following flow:

  1. Trigger: RSS
  2. Action: Teams

Configure both as follows and paste the above mentioned URL into the trigger:

You have to define your target by choosing Team and the Teams-Channel.

You can customize the Teams message as you like. The possible outputs from the trigger are:

  1. Feed ID
  2. Feed titel
  3. Primary feed link
  4. Feed updated on
  5. Feed published on
  6. Feed summary
  7. Feed copyright information
  8. Feed categories item
  9. Feed links item

You can choose to include all outputs in the message box. It is also possible to change the action in the flow to something like a Outlook Mail that will send a mail to recipients as soon as there is a new input in the RSS feed.