Get All Assignments in Intune for a User, Group or Device

This blog post is about the following tool of mine: Intune Assignment Checker ( The Goal of this Script is to get a overview of all Assignments in Intune based on your search criteria. Input (Identity): Output (Assignments): Demo Background and Motivation After releasing the tool, I want to provide some details and background information … Read more

Deploy Files on MacOS Devices with Intune

Deploying files to Intune-managed devices can present challenges. Previously, I utilized a Win32 App (intunewin) for deploying fonts, Teams backgrounds, and license files to Windows devices. In this post, I will guide you through the process of creating an application in the .pkg format to securely deploy your files on macOS devices. Different Ways, One … Read more

Block Homebrew on MacOS with Intune

Homebrew is a very popular tool for MacOS (and Linux) Users to install applications in the user context ignoring the local privileges and ignoring application and patch management. I am sharing my solution/workaround to address the challenges of users using Homebrew on Intune managed MacOS Devices. Shall we begin? What is Homebrew for MacOS? Homebrew … Read more

Collecting Customized Inventory Data on MacOS Devices Using Intune

Having detailed insights into your managed macOS devices significantly simplifies management tasks. While Intune provides some basic inventory data, its scope is often limited and sometimes lacks critical information. This is where custom inventory scripts are very interisting. By integrating the following shell script with your Log Analytics Workspace, you not only gain access to … Read more

Get Local Admins and Last Reboot Time on MacOS Devices Using Custom Attributes

You can create custom attribute profiles which enable you to collect custom properties from managed macOS device using shell scripts. Introduction to Custom Attributes If you are managing MacOS Devices in Intune you can use custom attributes to really get into the nitty-gritty of device management. Custom Attributes are basically outputs of shell scripts and … Read more

Rename Linux and MacOS devices in Intune

A consistent naming convention is important for efficient management within an IT environment, as it significantly helps us in the organization and clarity of device identification. This approach allows for the straightforward recognition of various aspects of a device, including its type, whether it is personally owned or a corporate asset, and its associated location … Read more

Offboarding devices from Intune, Entra ID and Autopilot

New Update and Website: There will be always cases where you need to delete devices from Intune, Entra ID and / or Autopilot. This includes the exchange of devices, returns to the dealer and many more … Until now, you had to go to the different portals and delete the devices manually. With this … Read more