Linux2Intune – Linux enrollment in Intune

When testing the Ubuntu functions in Intune, the initial enrollment bothered me the most. Right now, the Linux user has to run several commands in the terminal to enroll the linux device to Intune. While the commands would only need to be copied and pasted from Microsoft’s official instructions, there are some potential errors. While … Read more

KQL Search

Introduction This is the final website: You can find the full code here on GitHub: KQL-Search Overall Architecture of the Web Application: Motivation for this project I started this project because I wanted to further learn JavaScript and React. The best part was to connect two of my interests Coding and Microsoft Intune (Endpoint … Read more

Autopilot Import GUI

Update: There is a new Version available. It adds a way to Update Windows before starting the Autopilot process as well as exporting the Hash to a USB Device. -> PowerShell Gallery At this point most of us that are working with the Microsoft Endpoint Manager have used or are currently using Autopilot. I think … Read more

Daily Intune Monitoring Report

Introduction I am using this email Report for a long time and I read on Twitter that others are using something similar. So why not share my flow and the queries? How does it work? You will be able to automate this process by creating a Power Automate Flow that will query the Intune Data … Read more

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) – Update Tool

Introduction Before I explain why this tool was created, I would like to first start by explaining the basics and dependencies of the Microsoft Defender on a Windows Client. Defender on Windows devices consists of 3 main components: Platform, Engine and the Signature. In order for Defender to use its full functionality, these components must … Read more

Track changes of the Microsoft Intune Documentation and send them to Teams

Inspiration: For people like me that want to be informed as soon as Microsoft does change, add or remove something in the Docs related to Intune, the best solution I could find is to check the RSS Feed and get a notification (Teams message or via Mail). You possible already knew this but if … Read more